Steve Trang is the real estate disruptor. He is a serial entrepreneur who wants to change the industry and help people along the way.

Steve Trang knows how to rush. Born on September 29, 1979 in Trieste, Italy, a serial entrepreneur, Trang started six businesses at age 40 and is the founder of the Real Estate Disruptors Movement, whose podcast has more than 10,000 followers. He now seeks to help other entrepreneurs revolutionize the real estate market by sharing his expertise through the Disruptors community and a bespoke sales training program in which he trains some of the nation’s top wholesalers.

However, Trang’s success was not easy. After suffering a severe blow during the 2008 real estate crisis, he faced foreclosure and began racking up credit card debt. The outlook for real estate was bleak, but Trang continued to climb. In 2013, he had founded Stunning Homes Realty and was soon named one of Phoenix’s top 40 real estate brokers, among more than 40,000 agents across the city. Stunning Homes Realty now employs over 100 agents and by 2019 was selling one in every 135 homes in Phoenix.

When asked what drove him to success, Trang often quotes one of his personal heroes, sales guru Zig Ziglar: “You can have anything you want in life, if you only help other people get what they want. want “. You heard this quote when you first entered real estate and it has stuck with you throughout your entire career.

In fact, Ziglar’s tagline inspired Trang to create the Real Estate Disruptors Movement YouTube channel and podcast, which now has more than 16.3K subscribers. In each episode, community members share their success stories and business ideas, which Trang hopes will inspire the next generation of real estate entrepreneurs and disruptors.

Ziglar’s idea also led Trang to develop the Quick Houses Offer application, which streamlines the connection between wholesalers and buyers. “The purpose of the app is to help wholesalers get started faster by putting all buyers in one place.” Trang explains. “The hope is to minimize the challenge of creating a buyer’s list when you start wholesaling.”

Trang’s success has not gone unnoticed in the real estate world. Since publishing her first real estate book in 2018, Trang has appeared on CEO Pulse and gained traction through multiple public speaking engagements. Your ability to connect with other entrepreneurs on a personal level demonstrates your unique commitment to helping others get ahead in the difficult world of real estate.

This commitment to helping others may stump some in the real estate business, but for Trang it is part of their core mission. “My heart works,” he explains. “People don’t understand why I try to help so many people. They think I’m crazy! ”

While helping others may seem crazy to the average businessman, Trang has built this mission at the core of its products and the Real Estate Disruptor Movement. Whether you are helping other agents sell homes on the OfferFast Homes app or expanding your community online, Trang has not failed in its mission to help others build their own businesses and alter American real estate in the process.

“I want my legacy to be that I helped create 100 millionaires,” Trang says when asked about his future plans. “I like to take new ideas, test them in my business, and share what works for me with others.” With multiple business projects, a flourishing podcast network, and growing influence in the real estate market, Trang is already on its way to sharing its success with the next generation of real estate disruptors.

For more information, visit Trang’s website or find it in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The movement of real estate disruptors podcast is available on all major podcast platforms and Youtube.

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