Spit Fyre talks about the influence Cousin Lamar Odom has had on his life and career

Michael Odom PKA Spit Fyre has successfully carved a niche for himself as an artist in Hollywood with his lively voice and versatile songs. In an interview with him, the handsome artist talks about his musical idols and much more.

Spit Fyre started rapping when he was just nine years old! She often talks about how her family has been her constant source of inspiration, but what many don’t know is how her song “Pray For Lamar” became insanely popular with Lamar Odom fans in 2014 and how Khloe Kardashian was the one who showed . Lamar Odom the video.
In the early 2000s, Spit Fyre hadn’t been writing music, but he was into Battle Rap. That’s how he knew French Montana from the days when French Montana was unsigned but a Battle Rapper. The young Spit Fyre really admired and admired French Montana. He has been another influential figure in the life of Spit Fyre.

Most of Spit Fyre’s music is based on experiences and feelings. Spit Fyre’s work came to light in October 2015, when her song “Pray For Lamar” was heard and shared by various artists and influencers. The track was a tribute to his cousin, basketball player Lamar Odom, who was hospitalized for several heart attacks and strokes.

Spit Fyre shares a very strong connection with his first cousin Lamar and was shocked to learn of his hospitalization in 2015. He poured his heart out on the song and was shocked to see the response it got from Lamar’s fans. When asked how Lamar Odom felt about the video, Spit Fyre said: “He (Lamar) didn’t see the video until a few months after he was out of the hospital. Khloe Kardashian showed her the video and I heard she loved it. When we met, there was nothing but love and he held me even tighter and was excited about everything.”

Today, Lamar co-signs with Spit Fyre along with boxer Zab Judah and is constantly giving him advice on his music. Spit Fyre has always had one of Lamar’s pieces of advice close to his heart: “Keep kicking in the door in the industry until you become a household name.”
An artist in his true form, Spit Fyre doesn’t shy away from his criticism and only learns from mistakes and comes back stronger.

We wish Spit Fyre good luck in his future endeavours.

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