Sonny Martell seeks to change the music industry with cannabis-infused sound

Musician and businessman Martell Ross, better known by his stage name Sonny Martell, has been changing his approach to music. Among many other startups, Martell decided to create a new genre of music called Cannasoul. Cannasoul is “cannabis-infused music” and has a clothing collection inspired by the genre.

The Cannasoul Collection has sold out all the pieces they have released so far. The brand also goes hand in hand with Martell’s other new business called ‘Elevated Avenue’. The business was started with Martell’s close friend, Tylor Rob, and offers a wide selection of handcrafted wood products. The company originally started out selling 1 of 1 rolling trays, but has since been making butcher blocks, tables and chairs.

Sonny Martell’s quest to start new businesses has allowed him to create a multifaceted brand spanning multiple different industries, all focused on his new genre idea of ​​Cannasoul. His inspiration to go beyond the norm comes from his role as a parent. Martell was the first in his family to graduate from college. His grandfather, who witnessed Martell’s graduation, has also been a great inspiration.

Martell says his goal is to create something that will last forever. “My ultimate goal is to create something that will stand the test of time,” Martell said. “Something that builds and continues to create generational wealth for my family and loved ones. Also, something that has such an impact on culture manifests blessings for others. There is greatness in all of us, and the blessing is to take advantage of that is to give back. I just want to do my part and create positive change in the world. “

While Martell’s focus has been elsewhere, his role in the music industry has not ended. The visionary owns “Company Sounds”, a small company that creates content for small businesses and cooperations. The company specializes in making ad jingles and also provides management services for artists.

To learn more about Sonny Martell and his business, follow his social media at the links below:

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