Son of Mars is gearing up for its best year yet

Stephon Peters-Smith, known professionally as Son of Mars, is a rapper, record producer, and songwriter. Known for his high energy and 90’s style beats. He was born and raised on the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago.

Mars released the EP Son of Mars in 2019. An old work that is sure to age well in the Son of Mars career. The EP was composed by producer Ricky Johnson in late 2018. Son of Mars wrote and recorded the EP while attending the University of Rochester. The EP contains three tracks “First Born, Watch Yourself and Anakin”. The production would suggest a wide range of melodies, some branching out of the trap genre and becoming something else entirely. The ever-changing high-hat patterns are welcoming, but it’s the Kong synths and pulsing bass lines that stand out the most. Those are the ones most likely to bring you back. Along with the melodies, the lyrics are delivered in a way that almost slides over the production, a song from this EP could easily fit on your workout playlist.

The Son of Mars EP is often compared to the raw energy of 2000s mixtapes and the amateurishness you’d expect from an emerging artist.

The EP started to pick up speed just a few weeks after its release. In late 2019, Son of Mars signed to the FamilyOverGold label. Mars’s aspirations have grown even higher as he is hard at work on his debut mixtape due out sometime this year.

(Q) You are in New York at the time of this interview. What are you doing?

Right now I am working on my next project. It’s a mix of songs that I had in mind for a long time. I’m working with some really great producers and engineers, we’re all excited about what’s next. Also enjoy some of the NYC vybz, always good to be here.

Q) Now for those who don’t know, how did Son of Mars come up with its name?

The name Son of Mars came before I started making music. As a child he was fascinated with Greek mythology, it was something he could always learn more about. He would always use the name Demi God.

Son of Mars came from the Greek god Aries, known as Mars. The god of war represented Trinidad and Tobago, a place that at times felt like a battlefield to me, remains the most beautiful place I know and where I was born and raised. So Son of Mars to me also represents a son of Trinidad and Tobago.

(Q) Now let’s go ahead and talk about your new EP, Son if Mars.

This project was my first attempt to put my thoughts on record. I loved the way it turned out considering I recorded most of the EP in my bedroom while attending the University of Rochester.

The EP has three tracks “First Born, Watch Yourself and Anakin”.

These are all tracks I want to look back on and see where I started. I wanted it to offer a really wide range of melodies, and to branch out of the trap genre and into something completely different.

I feel like that’s what I’m going to focus on for my next project.

(Q) What is your favorite song in this project?

My favorite song from the project is Anakin. That was a freestyle verse that I recorded in one take. There was so much energy in the room that night, and we were able to feed off of it and really turn it into something crazy. I feel like those are the best, the ones that come from the energy.

(Q) Are you excited to be back on stage? Are you planning to join a tour in the near future?

Yes, I am very excited to go on stage and present them! I’ve gotten a lot of love from different states, so we’re really trying to narrow down where the vast majority are and get there first. But I’m really excited to be on the road!

I’m planning to release more music soon! So before I get on someone’s tour, I want to make sure I get this music out to the people. I also want to experience it with them, so I’ll probably wait until I drop it to go on a collaborative tour.

(Q) Last year you signed with FamilyOverGold Entertainment. What made you decide what was best for you?

I signed with the FamilyOverGold label because what they do is more than a label. Since that day, the focus has been on developing myself as an artist and really trying to improve my music. I’ve seen people leave a label with the same artist who entered, and that was a big concern for me. The individual love and focus I get here is why I will always be FØG

(Q) Is there anything you would like your fans to know?

If you have a dream, make a plan to follow it. Everyone in the world can dream, but only you can plan your future.








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