Software Entrepreneur Jakob Hager Launches New Campaign Manager Online Education Program

Every online business company nowadays is looking for digital marketing experts to run their online marketing campaign. However, it is not easy for small businesses to hire expensive digital marketing experts to do so. Software entrepreneur Jakob Hager has found a solution for this and has introduced a new Campaign Manager online education program.

And it is in great demand both among companies and among individuals. Participants in this program can easily learn how to manage Facebook, Instagram, Google, and many other digital marketing campaigns. This online education program is in great demand among graduates around the world.

Plus, you have everything you need to run many local businesses independently. Jakob Hager has launched this course for Germans living in the areas, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This program is expected to launch soon in English.

Jakob Hager is popular as an online marketing expert, software entrepreneur, and book author. He successfully runs two software companies, namely Mentortools and Masterpages, which help companies create optimized websites to generate leads. The entrepreneur has also written a book to help German entrepreneurs attract customers in the digital world on their online business platform.

In a limited time, the new book has been a great success and its sales have been crossed more than 35,000 times. Jakob originally hails from Vienna, Australia and is currently based in Dubai since 2017. To learn digital marketing skills, he had also spent part of his life in San Francisco.

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