Simone Ferretti sheds light on her journey, saying she always had a passion for personal development.

This young man is a versatile talent in the creative, artistic, media and business world and shows no signs of tiring.

The world is full of two types of people, the dreamers and those who take action. For a long time we have known many stories about people who fall into these two categories. However, we also notice that both things go hand in hand when it comes to achieving success in life. If we closely observe and understand some of the success stories in the world, we would know that the people who are doing very well in their respective careers first dreamed big and then took the necessary steps to turn those dreams into a beautiful reality. . So dreaming big and making sure you take concrete action goes a long way toward helping people achieve their definition of success, believes Simone Ferretti, a unique talent in the world of media and business who is a perfect example. of action. taker

Wondering who this young man is that we’re talking about? Simone Ferretti is an Italian professional photographer/videographer and content creator with a passion for personal development. Whatever she exuded uniqueness was where he wanted to be. Today, he has come forward to shed some light on his journey by talking about the different expeditions he undertook to achieve exponential levels of success in the career he enjoys today.

He says that as a young teenager, modeling was where his heart was hooked, earning him second place in the “Mister Italy” beauty competition. After working in Milan, he decided to move to Hong Kong in 2017 and continued to work as a model and also as a personal trainer. While in Hong Kong, he realized that he was a creative soul and enjoyed making videos, which he later turned into his profession. Simone Ferretti used all of his content to grow a portfolio on social media, which helped him gain traction and popularity in the world of content creation. Especially thanks to the short but shocking videos of her that he has been making to promote various products and services in the medium.

Two years later, the talented moved to London to do business and expand his social media niche by hosting photography tutorials on TikTok and Instagram. This is how Simone Ferretti also became a dynamic trainer who created online photography courses that are now having incredible success. Despite being busy in many areas of his business, he never stopped posting engaging content on his social media while working as a social media consultant for international brands.

“As I look back now, I only have one thing to say: ‘Grateful.’ I am incredibly grateful for all the experiences I have had and all the paths I have chosen to explore,” says the talented Italian photographer and influencer. Follow him now on Instagram @ sferro21 to find out more.

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