Simon Atri: You must invest in knowledge; it is the best investment you can make for yourself

Starting a business may seem onerous, an almost impossible task, but there are people who show us that the only limit is set in our mind. One of them is Simon Atri.

From a young age he showed his leadership skills, creating high impact projects in order to benefit his community. At just 17 years old, he began working in his family’s restaurant as a dishwasher, then he rose as a waiter and at 3 years old he assumed as general manager of the place. Under his direction, the restaurant won several awards and recognitions such as the Excellence award for 3 years in a row, the TOP 20 restaurants for 2 years in a row and the restaurant of the year awarded by the CARNIRAC Association (in Spanish Chamber of the Restaurant and Food Industry Seasoned).

His next project, at age 22, was called La Taberna de León, and at the same time he opened the Primer Piso bar, with a totally new concept at the time, where people could eat and enjoy a good time with their friends. The following year, Simon launched a new restaurant with a concept of fusion food, located in the heart of Mexico City and a few months later he opened a place and it was a boom for new artists and became the most exclusive bar in the city.

In the early 2000s, he founded Banquetes Atri, today one of the leading companies in the events industry in Mexico by exclusively franchising the food and beverage area of ​​the Maguen David Jewish Center, one of the largest Jewish community centers in Mexico. Latin America, with more than 500 events organized per year and a variety of services from Coffee Breaks to large events. In 2010, Simon started a new project, CORBEX and built a corporate canteen in Samara, a large corporation, CORBEX initially provided workers with nutritious food, 1500 meals per day and then expanded to another 40 multinationals, providing 25000 meals per day In the end, the company was sold to a multinational in 2014.

Simon has also ventured into other industries, in 2012 Simon joined in an ambitious project, the construction of the Gran Hotel in Mexico City, a project he was part of for 2 years but due to differences with his business partners, he decided to abandon the project. In 2016, while providing his consulting services for a company in Miami, he decided to move there and in 2019 created his events company One Event Place, becoming the top of mind events company in Florida, simultaneously joining Endor Group. one of the largest marketing agencies in Latin America that, with Simon’s help and leadership skills, is now crossing over to the US with a very promising clientele. In addition, he decided to create his brand of Tequila, his most recent project that will revolutionize the US market.

At the outbreak of the COVID19 pandemic, Simon had a great time in his life after re-evaluating his goals and way of life and realized that it was the right time to help others and it was the start of his mentoring service and consulting, with its PUM PA’RRIBA Methodology, a method that focuses directly on the individual and includes relevant topics, to help you change your way of thinking, such as time management, discipline, the right balance, how to set your goals .

Surely a man who decided to change the world, not only creating leading companies, but helping thousands to discover their mission in life, what they want and also training future high impact leaders, the amazing legacy of Simon Atri.

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