Shahram Kabiri aims to inspire young people and change their mindset with his writing work

Shahram Kabiri, a Dubai-based writer, is known for his expertise in writing exceptional content using his imagination. In his writing career, he has focused primarily on poetry and writing to inspire young people and change their thinking. Shahram Kabiri is a very lively person and uses all his energy and positivity to write content that is worth reading.

This is what one can find in his two books, namely, ‘Sometimes I miss myself’ and ‘A thousand roses’. In both books, Shahram Kabiri has poured everything he has learned from reading valuable things in his life. In addition to this, you have also written down all your experiences in life to express your emotions in a clear way.

Due to their quality work, the two books are receiving excellent responses from readers and are appreciating the author’s writing. In the book, ‘Sometimes I miss myself’, the author has written about all his feelings and his identity that he is trying to find in this crowded and noisy world.

In the second book entitled “A Thousand Roses”, the author has covered the elements of romance in his life. Because he loves to read romantic books, Shahram Kabiri has tried to cover all the romance-related topics that every young man wants to know about in his life.

The content of both books is written with the mindset of young people in mind. And Shahram Kabiri has also shared his experiences during his youthful days. The author wants to inspire young people to help all young people to live their life to the fullest.

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