Seattle artist PeacefulPinder is making a name for himself

Meet artist PeacefulPinder from Seattle, Washington. He is a storytelling artist who is putting his city on the map with his craft and creativity. The path he took to get to where he is now was not easy, coming from a home with alcohol and drug abuse. PeacefulPinder began using music to speak his mind and give his listeners something they can relate to.

He started taking his music seriously in 2018, and in its latest release, the project received over half a million views across all platforms. He is an independent artist who is inspired by big names like J. Cole, Nas, Russ and Logic. He says, “My dream collaboration record would be a track with Logic.”

PeacefulPinder represents peace and love. He plans to release a new EP this September called “LUV Vibrationz” on all platforms. Be sure to check out that EP when it comes out and keep an eye out for more amazing things it has in store.

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