Scott Pedzai Sakupwanya: The man behind the successful commodity company ‘Better Brands’

Some companies are very prosperous and there is an outstanding entrepreneur. Scott Pedzai Sakupwanya sets the example of being one of Zimbabwe’s most influential businessmen. During more than 20 years in this industry, he has become one of the most well-known commodity traders in the country. Mr. Pedzai Sakupwanya has built a strong professional reputation over the years in business in one of the world’s developing nations. I was very lucky to interview Mr. Pedzai Sakupwanya!

Growth mindset and integrity

Being the 1% today, it hasn’t been easy for Scott or ‘Better Brands’ to get to where they are; as a group they have encountered several obstacles and times when it seemed that they would not make it. However, Scott, a positive serial entrepreneur, stayed on course with the aspirations and, indeed, the vision of the company. I have also been fortunate to have such a talented relationship with my team that has conspired with me to embrace my vision, although God has always been my greatest support, my confidence and optimism in him, as well as his generosity has taken me much further. where i started

Mr. Pedzai Sakupwanya constantly aims to give a reasonable and fair price to the miners from whom he buys gold and continually makes payments on time. He is a man with a heart of gold who follows the 12 laws of the universe evidently displayed as he also contributes in various community programs to help both the people he cooperates with as well as many others in the general public who are less privileged. Furthermore, Mr. Pedzai Sakupwanya seeks to create a constructive contribution to the nation as a whole, striving to achieve the government’s broader vision of being a western country by 2030.

Adaptations are key

Gold trading, acquisitions, in other words buying and selling gold is Scott’s main business. It is the largest source of income for the ‘Better Brands’ group. He said, “I wouldn’t say I chose this path; rather he adopted me, or perhaps, it was God’s destiny for me. After being unable to continue his studies due to financial limitations, he found a way while he was still young to start in this industry. As a result, he ended up working for a gentleman in the same occupation as him, and he was grateful enough to have been nurtured by him and become the person he is today. “Better Brands has progressed into mining, construction, transportation and logistics, with plans to expand into hospitality in the near future,” he said.

Religious Connections, Gratitude, and Overcoming Challenges

There was a time when Mr. Pedzai Sakupwanya experienced a financial hurdle because he did not have enough operating capital to keep the business going. He “overcame this by expanding into other business ventures and getting help from people” who believed in him, for whom he will also be eternally indebted. “My trust in the Almighty ultimately got me through tough times as it kept my morale high; without faith I would not be where I am today”, he affirms serenely.

Scott Pedzai Sakupwanya Hits:

2020 Most Influential Young Corporate Director of the Year in the Morning Sector in Zimbabwe 2020 Young Innovative Project Director of the Year in the Mining Sector 2020 Honorary Doctorate from the American Heritage University of Southern California 2020 Chairman of the Board of the Buyers Association of Gold 2021 Nominated for African Icon International Awards 2021

Tips from Scott Pedzai Sakupwanya:

“Have a higher power that you believe in, that guides your principles and orders your steps. Mine is the ‘Almighty God’ the creator of the universe”. “Always believe in your dream, if you can dream it, you can live it. Regardless of your background, you can do it.” “Never give up, no matter what happens, keep going. If that means crawling back to your feet, just keep going.” “You are the main character of your book or play. Always become your biggest cheerleader. You should always take care of YOU and make sure that person is well taken care of because no one will do it for YOU.” “Always ask for help when you need it, be open to criticism and always be ready to listen to his team, there is an African proverb that says, if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with someone.”

Mr. Pedzai Sakupwanya could not have said it better. He is an amazing and humble man with integrity. He lives by the law of reciprocity, giving back to the less fortunate, but being a high achiever with staggering prizes to his name. He has revolutionized this industry with his work ethic and his impeccable personality to endorse the dreams that have yet to be achieved. Scott Pedzai Sakupwanya, simply put, is the future. Check out this space!

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