Ron E is turning his long-time passion into a career

Coming from a family that has always been involved with music, it was only a matter of time before Ron E got involved as well. Beginning to make music in high school, Ron sang both in his school and in the church choir, as well as studying his favorite artists. Before he knew it, he was completely hooked. This passion eventually led him to start a group known as “Exit21” with neighborhood friends and his twin brother, who would put together covers of songs and sing harmonies. After a while, they began to take off, generating millions of views and capturing the attention of fans around the world.

Taking this opportunity with his brother and friends to gain more experience and familiarize himself with touring abroad, Ron E developed immensely as an artist during this time. After the tour ended, Ron knew it was time for him to do his thing and launched his solo career in 2019. His first solo project titled “Good Intentions” received rave reviews, and Ron has continued to grow ever since. as an artist and has just released his latest hit, “Only You.”

With his solo career underway and a new single climbing the charts as we speak, Ron E is gearing up to make big moves in the second half of 2021. He has come a long way as an artist and shows no signs of slowing down. anytime. Keep your eyes peeled for Ron E as he has many more hits on the way.

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