Roland Ngole wins the International Speaker Slam and receives “The Winner and the Excellence Awards”

Roland Ngole the winner of the International Speaker Slam comes from Kassel -Germany

Short, crisp, concise and straight to the point: At the international speaker event, which took place on July 16-17, 2021 in Mastershausen, Germany, Roland Ngole from Kassel achieved remarkable success. After New York, Vienna, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and Munich, the international speaker event was now held in his hometown of Mastershausen. There were 79 speakers from 12 different countries competing, so the participants in the final set a new world record.

What is an international Speaker Slam?

The Speaker Slam is a public speaking contest. As in popular poetry slams where a Beat is rhymed or rapped. In a Speaker Slam, speakers compete against each other on a stage with their personal topics against each other. The challenge in the speaker competition is the fact that each speaker has only four minutes to rock, inspire their audience and convince the jury on stage. Presenting a speech in this way that is shortened to 4 minutes, saying everything that is important, connecting with the audience is probably the main class in professional public speaking. The contestants need nerves like wire ropes, because after exactly four minutes on stage, the microphone went dead.

Roland Ngole from Kassel also participated in this year’s International Speaker Slam competition. Roland Ngole was not only able to tell the audience about himself and the importance of vision in our society, especially at this time, but he was also able to connect with the audience, convince and inspire the jury and the audience with his passion and performance in stage.

With his speech, Roland Ngole won the award for excellence and the award for winners.

Roldan Awards

The event initiated by Hermann Scherer inspires with a wide range of topics that are

as colorful and varied as life itself. The professional jury consisting of Jörg Rositzke, managing director of the Hamburg 1 television station, Selina Hare, radio expert, Martina Kapral from the speaker agency and the winner of the last Speaker Slams, Benjamin Stocks, evaluated the performances.

The choice of topic was up to the slammers themselves. They wrote their texts independently and

he had to decide whether to focus on general social issues or specific issues.

The challenge of the contest was that the speakers made an effort to connect with the public and the expert jury. Speakers had to strive to pick up the audience where they were, guide, convince, and inspire the audience to their topic. All of that had to be done in just four minutes.

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