Rising R&B Star Aries Marquis Releases New Album “EXPERIENCE”

Native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Aries Marquis gives the world a songbook full of soulful songs and unique melodies that break the new age genre. Music is indeed an art form and when it comes to singing, Aries has mastered the art of music delivery time and time again. He began his musical journey during his 12th grade of high school, where he sang a solo set at his talent show that he hasn’t looked back on since.

Aries showcases his versatile approach to song creation throughout the entire new album. The talented singer-songwriter gives us a brief glimpse through his lens at where he is in life as he lets us sing along to the catchy lyrics.

Having started his music career over a decade ago, Aries is no new to bringing us the timeless music we’ve come to love over the years. Themes of love and romance are a constant theme throughout the album, with songs like “Drove Across the Ocean” where Aries says “I see something in you, never seen before, In love with the sight, I want to see something more.” “. The battle with love continues to be a frequent theme with other songs like “Phases” and “Wanted”.

As a solo artist, Aries Marquis was and is determined to create a timeless, soulful and diverse sound. One thing against Marquis is music that sounds the same and can be forgotten in no time. Therefore, by becoming a music student, he follows his musical influences past and present.

From a few quick observations of Aries, you will quickly realize that he is a true student of the music game first.

Studying the greats to become even greater is his forte, when it comes to hard work and dedication, he is no stranger to it. Having a competitive yet humble mindset is what continues to separate this talented singer from the rest of the crowd.

In an era where newer musicians are praised for their antics and tricks on social media, Aries continues to stand firm in his morals and beliefs as a true hip hop artist that the younger generation can respect and aspire to be.

The songs are connected by production and message in the music, and each track will make you want to hear the next one. If you want to listen to the album, you can stream it today on all streaming platforms, so you can experience this track audio adventure for yourself.

Aries Marquis’ new album “Experience” is available to all his fans on Spotify, so listen to it now!

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