Rising Rap Star T.JUICEE Releases New Single “LOVE RIGHT NOW”

Rising rapper/songwriter T.Juicee releases a new song where he talks about life, love, and relationship complications when he was young. The rapper, singer and songwriter put his versatile approach to songwriting on display throughout the new single titled “Love Right Now.”

T.juciee’s music creation style is an exploitation of new genres and styles not commonly seen among newer artists. The way she is able to combine her melodies with her ability to rap at a high level is very impressive, the triple threat artist raps, sings and writes all her music.

The explosive new track features hip hop-influenced production complemented by soothing vocals and heartfelt songwriting. His core message lies within the honest songwriting and he continues to vividly repeat the complications of relationships and love as a rising young artist in this new aging generation.

The rising star takes us on a full audio adventure through his lens with lyrics like “You’re not trying to show me love right now, God knows I’ve been sinning for the last two years. I’ve been sleeping with different women and I know they I’ve been doing wrong, he’s not afraid to admit it” Focuses on the complications of dealing with love and relationships being young and wanting to continue enjoying his prime years as a man T.Juicee manages to create songs high-quality love messages that make you feel as if he is speaking directly to you. Whether he has been through that situation in the past or is going through it now, the relationship will remain the same.

The songs have a catchy love message with an honest tone that T.Juicee has submitted for us to review. Love in this new era is one of the most complicated topics and one that many fans identify with when their favorite artist sings or raps about it. Words are always something you can put together to find similar experiences in your own life. Trent continues to let his fans relate to him with lyrics like “Before you go, let me know, ’cause I don’t want to close that door” and “I gave you my heart and you left it on the floor.” If it were up to me I would make you stay, because for your love girl I am a slave, without you I don’t know what to do”

The honesty in his music is what allows fans to connect with him so much. When they listen to him, they feel like they know him personally and they don’t feel like they’re alone with what they’re going through in life right now.

You can listen to T.juciee’s new single “LOVE RIGHT NOW” on Spotify.

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