Rising Artist Sharod Brown AKA Carolina Spill: Dusting Off The Microphone

“I grew up from lyrical artists like Jay Z, Beanie Segal, Jadakiss, Styles P, DMX, etc.” Sharod Brown, a budding hip-hop artist from Atlanta, is looking to add his name to this list of legendary storytellers. “I want people to know and feel that old Slick Rick kind of feeling, the art of storytelling. That’s me, I paint pictures with my music ”.

Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Brown could never quite fit in with the area’s slow lifestyle. After a weekend in Atlanta in the ninth grade, Brown knew that was the city that called him. A year later, he moved to the big city, where he lived with his cousins. Brown tested the waters of the rap game from 1999 to 2003, but due to the loss of family members and other personal struggles, he found himself working promoting in the Atlanta club scene.

Sharod Brown is ready to renew his career and style and give the rap game another shot after his years on the business side. “The club shaped me to know how to attack the music business, and what I got is: be yourself.” Brown is currently preparing new music and is excited for it to be released to the world. “I have a new song I’m working on called Test. Basically it is an old trial that I defeated in 2004 with a public defender, not with a paid lawyer ”. With signs of early support, Sharod thinks of nothing but his music, his storytelling, and his mission.

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