Revitalize with “Energy” by Daniel Speicher

Daniel Speicher’s new song, “Energy”, surprises everyone again. This song has hit the internet and is undoubtedly breaking the streaming record. By listening to Daniel’s music, you can see that he knows what he is doing. There is no doubt that he is an extraordinary talent, and we must also be careful. Energy shows Daniel’s level of music and clearly explains why he is different from other players in the game.

Coupled with Daniel’s talent and the impressive production quality of Rumor Records, the result is a captivating track that invites you to dance. We can’t help but recommend Daniel Speicher and his music to anyone looking for fresh sounds to enjoy and inspire. The three songs on his EP: “Right Now”, “Feel” and “Energy” are gradually attracting the attention of music fans around the world.

Listen to “Energy” on Spotify

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