Refresh your mind with the soft melodies of Matthew Schultz

Matthew Schultz is ready to surprise you with his latest single, One Wok.

Summer has been in shambles due to the global pandemic for the past year. People have been constricted within the walls of their homes, and the sadness of confinement has faced them hard. However, as the situation relaxes, Matthew Schultz is here to brighten the mood and bless our ears with his new single, ‘One Wok’. His songs derive an influence from the EDM sounds of Cavin Harris, Diplo, Major Lazor and Kygo.

Matthew Schultz creates this somber yet mellow tune to bring out the blues and fill the crowd with smiles. His songs always capture the attention of the public and trap them in that space of dance and fun. This rarity racked up millions of streams for his song, ‘Somewhere Far’. It also appeared on Spotify’s ‘Chill Hits’ editorial playlists. His song also made a place on the ‘Viral 50’ chart in more than 8 countries. ‘One Wok’ is another addition to the songs that works its way into the heart due to its expressive lyrics and delivers messages of love and indulgence.

Matthew Schultz has created this song with Zolo to make your summer happier than ever. He has mixed different genres to create a musical experience like no other. ‘One Wok’ resembles a dancehall track with similarities to the melodies of Tory Lanez, Skillenbeng, and Major Lazor.

The song begins with a severe chorus from Zolo that repeats itself with mesmerizing four-chord progressions on guitar, which is then syncopated with a chord synth progression and simple yet highly seductive percussion. Then the sound fills with the voice that brings the dance floor to life, and people start swaying and popping their moves to the beats.

The song begins with Matthew’s voice saying. “I one wok for you …”, which instantly rings a love bell in the minds of couples. It means that soulmates are connected in such a way that they will go through a series of trials to be together and have that intimate moment.

Desires for love are so strong that they exceed a person’s overall potential and give him the strength to go beyond the horizons of his love. This song makes the hearts of couples beat with excitement and they dance together.

Matthew has created ‘One Wok’ to fill the summer with colors and refresh your mind. The cool breeze will be accompanied by a first-rate sound effect and an antidote to the summer blues.

As the single attracts the attention of millions of people, it has been added to many playlists. A dedicated song challenge names #Onewokchallenge has kicked off on Instagram and Tik-Tok with a grand prize of $ 2,500, attracting dancers on a global scale. Listen to this beautiful song on Youtube or Spotify.

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