Recommendations from Katrina Antonovich, the world-renowned luxury interior designer

Art is Katrina Antonivich’s first love, as a designer she considers art in everything she does, from styling herself to providing inspiring gestures towards her work and passion. Many people are being surprised at how interior design work is involved with the science degree; Katrina Says: Being a professional interior designer, there will be a set of rules to be followed based on specific principles and elements of interior design. Being an interior designer requires natural creativity and a passion for art and style. It takes total dedication and hard work to achieve the most desirable result. Unlike any other career, interior design work requires total inspiration and natural creativity to make different types of interior design masterpieces. With a great combination of patience, insightful ideas, and out-of-this-world creativity, each interior design job is sure to be achieved to the exact requirement that it takes. Katrina, being the lead designer / CEO of Luxury Antonovich Design (one of the most luxurious interior design companies in the world), recruiting labor is one of the most meticulous procedures she has very hands on, Katrina always makes sure that each of the aspiring team members will be meeting international standards and the ability to be an interior designer, especially since Luxury Antonovich Design deals with international projects with world-class standards.

One of Luxury Antonovich Design’s greatest prides is its high-profile line of project managers and interior designers who have achieved world-class academic excellence in architecture and interior design. These professionals have the total capacity to carry out procedures for international projects such as palaces, different government establishments, world-class commercial projects, luxury hotels, modern apartments, Arab-style villas, and more. That’s why, as the chief designer of Luxury Antonovich Design, Katrina is always very proud of her team and her creations, as well as her accomplishments. At the same time, you always make sure you have your personal design touches and styles that need to be implemented in every project your team is handling. That is to make sure that each project achieves the best design with a unique and sophisticated style with the signature style of Katrina Anotonovich.

Through Katrina’s years of professional experience in handling all kinds of interior design developments with different requirements, concepts, and moods around the world, she can say that the key to becoming a successful interior designer is to create your own identity in style and show your difference. or advantage among the other interior designers. Originality and the discovery of new innovations in interior design will surely be one of your greatest advantages over others. In every creation you are dealing with, always remember the main elements of interior design, which are space, line, shapes, light, color, texture, and pattern. Maintaining the perfect balance between these elements is the key to creating an aesthetically pleasing interior.

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