Real estate agent Mahshid Dehghani reveals why “customer satisfaction is a major asset in her career”

Mahshid Dehghani has been a real estate agent since 2016; currently, he serves the Aurora area in York Region.

She is the mother of two exceptional children, two boys, one 12 years old and the other two years old. She revealed: “I’m so busy with my little one, especially during COVID, that I couldn’t put him in any nurseries as they were all closed. So hopefully everything will be back to normal very soon in Toronto.”

His hobbies include gathering his friends and family once a week just to spend time with them, and he likes to entertain his children by going to nearby parks. In addition, Mahshid also loves to watch a movie on Netflix with her husband whenever she has free time, which is usually before bed. But she, she said, “Unfortunately, we don’t have pets because my oldest son has allergies.”

Mahshid shared that the first three years of her career as a real estate agent, most of her business was referrals from friends and family. She said, “I love the social aspect of my job, so I really look forward to meeting and building relationships with clients and helping them buy and sell homes. I am very committed to my work and I put all my effort into satisfying my clients. I know my markets very well and always keep myself updated and well informed on the real estate market on a daily basis. I can speak English, Farsi and French.”

Primarily serves the Aurora, Ontario area. She said: “It’s where I live at the moment, and it’s considered the best place to live in York Region, and for many good reasons. First of all, it is a great city with a great sense of community, most of the schools are above provincial standards. With this, you can rest easy knowing that your children will be well educated. Within Aurora, you can find plenty to do from the extensive walking trails, tons of shopping, and generally great restaurants; However, once it’s time to settle down, many choose Aurora to buy a home. It’s a safe family town.”

Furthermore, Mahshid can work with any type of client with any need, be it investment, commercial, or even first time homebuyers.

When asked about the real estate market, this is what he replied: “The market in Toronto and GTA is very active right now. It’s mostly a seller’s market! The houses are sold in a very short time.

He gave some advice for prospective first-time homebuyers: “As I said before, my service area, which is Aurora, is a great place for families, and especially first-time homeowners, prices are reasonable. or affordable compared to places like downtown Toronto and North York. Property taxes are also much, much lower, schools have good grades, and lots of good places and restaurants. There are also long trails for hiking and general physical activity.

As a real estate agent, I must say that I am a very patient person. I can spend hours answering all of my clients’ questions by providing objective facts about their home sale, for example, stating the market value of their home and how long their listing typically stays on the market, and if they buy, I put all my effort, energy and time to find the house of their dreams for my clients. Honesty and integrity are my priorities in this business, and customer satisfaction is paramount to me.”

Call Mahshid Dehghani now at (416) 8797179 to learn more about her experience, or contact her via email at [email protected]

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