Ready for a trip to the sky with Foletown’s latest release, “Atmosphere”

The new song “Atmosphere” by Nick Foley or better known as Foletown has amazed his fans while transporting them to a relaxing and calm environment. It has been very successful and is now a trend on the Internet and on all streaming platforms.

Miami-based Foletown is no stranger to the scene. His unique style and musical production make him an artist to be reckoned with. Once you listen to their songs, you will no doubt want more too.

“Atmosphere” is unique in its style, combining smooth, cool rhythms with a catchy melody. This separates him from other artists of the genre. Rumor Records, the label Nick is signed under, have produced and mastered the song to perfection to make sure you’ll start dancing once you hear it.

Among house music fans, a recurring concern is finding an artist who brings something new to the table to spice things up. If you feel the same, then Foletown is your guy. Along with the other songs on his new EP: “Space” and “Sauced”, which are slowly gaining popularity, you can be sure that you won’t be bored when you listen to his music.

Listen to “Atmosphere” on Spotify below

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