Ray Kirk is emerging on the music scene

Ray Kirk, a native of Japan, first got into music at the age of eleven and performed at 14. Originally as part of a hip-hop group called “423 Cross United” at the age of sixteen, Ray and his group began to gain popularity and performed almost every weekend in Osaka and occasionally in Tokyo. This earned them the gaze of a Columbia Music Japan scout, and since then Ray Kirk has been on his way to making it big in the music industry.

Now in the game as a freelance artist, Ray Kirk has learned a lot on his journey so far. There are layers to becoming an established artist in the music industry, and Ray is beginning to find out thanks to the help of DJ Dantz and Harold “Ness” Spiva, who are ultimately keeping him on the right track. With your help and guidance, it is only a matter of time before Ray Kirk begins to make waves in the music industry.

By establishing himself and continuing to progress in the right direction, Ray Kirk is doing everything in his power to be a household name in the music industry. It will be exciting to see where his career takes him and all that he achieves as time goes on. Stay tuned as Ray Kirk begins to emerge in the music industry.

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