Ravi Ganatra: the man who achieves the perfect harmony between philanthropy and business

Ravi Ganatra is a well-educated and self-taught businessman living in Mumbai, India. Your engineering degree combined with a postgraduate degree in management gives you the perfect skill set to invest in successful startups.

Mr. Ganatra is an avid supporter of the Make-in-India movement, which is focused on revitalizing and strengthening the nation’s workforce. In doing so, it seeks to advance India in the world of manufacturing. The latest of his companies is Stalwart International Private Limited.

Soon to merge with an established and reputable company that manufactures chemical and pharmaceutical equipment, Stalwart is growing rapidly and reaching new heights of success.

Many industrialists have been dealing with the economic slowdown, especially in the time of COVID-19. Ganatra, however, is determined not to be affected. Instead of instituting mass layoffs, you are recruiting. Rather than cut corners, you are creatively and constructively leading your organization to prosper during this time of economic downturn.

To make sure everyone is working toward the same goal, share your vision for the future with everyone in your organization. It seems like the phrase, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go hand in hand ”, is one of those that defines Ganatra’s leadership style.

This skill set is essential during the current global crisis caused by COVID-19. When asked how he is helping frontline workers, Ganatra says they play an important role in preventing the spread of the virus and that the provision of sanitation and personal protective equipment is essential. The health of workers and, by association, their families, is a top priority.

He’s also very determined to avoid pay cuts or layoffs. Rather than putting the burden on his workers, Mr. Ganatra is determined to protect members of his organization until the country does well and recovers from the brief economic slowdown.

To ensure that pay cuts are not necessary, expenses and investments are treated conservatively. Operations continue in accordance with permitted guidelines that protect the health and safety of those who work within the organization. When possible, employees work from home for added security.

During these times, Mr. Ganatra prefers to focus on both the physical and financial well-being of Stalwart employees.

While you may think that Mr. Ganatra is very generous and kind in maintaining this mindset in the face of adversity, he may not agree with you. He is extremely satisfied with his work and humbled by the experience. He is grateful that he can use his abilities in a way that can help those within reach of his influence.

If you knew him personally, you wouldn’t be surprised that Ravi loves to invest in others, especially his friends and family. This family man is also passionate about staying fit, learning new skills, and carefully crafting to-do lists.

With constant self improvement top priority, you are sure to see great things from Ravi Ganatra today and for years to come.

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