Rahul Joshi on Fire, giving bodybuilding tips on his social networks for free

Rahul Joshi is an international Gurugram bodybuilder and athlete who has achieved many milestones in his career where some of his wonderful achievements are like he won gold medals in Mr Delhi, Mr India and Mr Asia competitions in 2015, Mr World . in 2016 and Mr Universe Pro in 2017 and 2018. His goal is to inspire the youth of the nation towards fitness related activities.

Today, our youth are attracted to alcoholic and not so good activities that make them sad, said Rahul Joshi.

So he finally took a step to stop all these things happening in our society with the help of his brothers Rohit Joshi and Priyanka Sharma who are also very good influencers and with the help of some supportive friends. He did a survey in a nearby area and found that the biggest problem is that young people who are willing to move into physical activities cannot afford the costs of training and other sports activities.

He later decided to start teaching free fitness classes and share the experience of his journey from basics to greatness on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube on his @RahulJoshifitnesss channel.

According to reports, the social media account of India’s youngest athlete was hacked some time ago by several thousand followers and he got into a lot of trouble because of this. She lost touch with big no. Hearing that they are like family to him in the previous account of him. But now he creates a new account and guess what there is a big surprise for all of you there. Last month he was blessed with a baby boy named Ryan.

Rahul Joshi, also known as Logan, is one of the biggest and best influencers, celebrities, and personal trainers of the decade. Rahul Joshi is reportedly the youngest Indian athlete in India to win gold at just 24 years of age in bodybuilding.

His way of influencing people from his social networks goes viral every day. You can see many bodybuilding photos, videos and tutorials that Rahul posted on his account. People also enjoy their body workout online and offline. They said that he is the kindest hearted person who regularly strives to get young people inspired towards exercise.

Rahul Joshi is one of the most renowned influencers spreading awareness about bodybuilding as a career and helping aspirants understand the necessities and qualities of excelling in their career. He is known for explaining bodybuilding tips and tricks and creating an impression on students who aspire to grow as bodybuilders.

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