PUSHTI VORA: A Multi Talented Girl, is stealing hearts with her debut book

Pushti Vora is a 16-year-old girl from a small town called Bhavnagar in the state of Gujarat in India. She is a STEM student, dancer, poet, author, TED-Ed student speaker, TED-Ed student leader, TED circle presenter, and founder of WeBridge and ONO’s youth mental health community. She has had a strong enough influence at just 16 years old and is known for excelling in multiple fields.

From a young age, Pushti had a great interest in Modern Physics. He proved it by participating in various levels of STEM competitions and internships. He also runs a community called “The Science Club”, where he gives private lessons to his juniors.

In addition to receiving various academic awards, she is also the National and State Champion in Classical Dance of India – Kathak and has given countless performances there.

His other skill is his communication skill. He has given several speeches, made many debates and declamations and also won a championship for it.

(The Unspoken by Pushti Vora)

Recently, he released his first book called “The Unspoken” – A collection of poems. Pushti is an introvert when it comes to opening up about her inner feelings, which is why she adopted poetry from the age of 10. He says that “poems have the power to heal.”

The book has been published by two best-selling authors and has impressed many more.

Pushti describes herself as “A simple girl with big dreams”. I hope that the work of this 16 year old from India inspires many other minds aspiring to achieve something.

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