Proving there’s nothing they can’t do … Cole and Kelsea Moscatel on the cover of Maxim France

This issue of Maxim France features their first couple on the cover… Cole and Kelsea Moscatel! This is a great honor, but it comes as no surprise to the powerful couple as they are constantly breaking down barriers in everything they do. Cole and Kelsea are known as icons in Hollywood for their massive success with their luxury lifestyle concierge, Snob World, and for their high-profile status in the city.

Known worldwide for their business ventures and successes, Cole and Kelsea are capable of much more. With multiple covers of high fashion magazines this year, the powerful couple really show that there is nothing they touch that does not turn to gold. Young, wildly successful and showing off an alluring romance, Cole and Kelsea are taking over the world day after day.

Congratulations to the first couple on the cover of Maxim France! There will be many more to come after this breakthrough.

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