Premier Virtual presents Tech Tuesday Talks: a podcast that shows how your business impacts real people

Connecting qualified candidates with the right jobs and helping employers around the world find top-tier candidates to fit their needs has been the driving force behind Premier Virtual. The company has been at the forefront of supporting businesses and employers around the world for the past year and a half, leading the way when the pandemic hit and giving businesses the tools they needed to keep their businesses running. Premier Virtual’s innovative and proprietary platform has powered 2,500 virtual job fairs, connecting 25,000 employers with more than 250,000 job seekers. The team knows that their work is changing lives every day, yet they rarely hear from individual job seekers about the impact it has had. Through his weekly Tech Tuesday Talk podcast, Chief Marketing Officer John Garcia had the incredible opportunity to speak with a man, Mike Janus, about how the Premier Virtual platform has impacted his life.

Janus joined the Marines at age 17 and served his country for many years, including security during the 9/11 tragedy. Janus earned a degree in business administration, however, during his senior year of college, he made a decision that would change the entire course of his life. After a few beers, he got behind the wheel, resulting in tragedy. His best friend died and Janus was responsible. Janus knew that he had to make a change, feeling that he had been left behind to fulfill a new purpose. Janus began working to spread awareness, writing a book and becoming a public speaker, sharing his story, in hopes of preventing another drunk driving tragedy.

Speaking at high schools, colleges and communities across the country, Janus found himself in a tough spot when the pandemic hit. Without a traditional full-time job to fall back on, he quickly found himself in a difficult situation, needing reliability of income for his young daughter. While attending a United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce virtual job fair hosted by Col. Larry Miller, Janus connected with FEMA through the Premier Virtual Platform. She describes the experience and how impactful it was in her life, in a very short time.

“It was so easy and there were so many options. I connected with FEMA and literally within three days they called me, interviewed me and I was on the job within a week. And it’s been great, it’s opened me up to new connections and ways to help people. Now I’m working for FEMA and I’m getting back to speaking, doing virtual events and slowly getting back to in-person events. This platform has made all the difference for me. “

Janus concludes, “It’s been a tough year for a lot of people, and if I can show them that if I, in my life, can get through all of this, then they can get through anything that comes their way.” Learn more about Mike Janus and his book “Live With Honor, Turning Tragedy Into Triumph” here.

The company’s CEO, Steven Edwards, is also a veteran serving in the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, as well as the Florida National Guard. The company works with people from all over the world and loves hearing about everyone they’ve connected with. A personal story like this from a veteran means so much more. Garcia and Edwards describe Premier Virtual as a parachute that stopped the free fall the business world found itself in when COVID-19 hit, and is the #1 virtual career show platform in the force development industry. labor.

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