Prakash Dhingra: Investment Banker and a very famous private investor during the Day, Rebel Biker by the Weekends

In a world where time is money, it becomes increasingly difficult for an individual to take out time for their hobbies from the mundanity of our daily job-filled lives. To find a hobby that fulfills our desires to our hearts’ content is a miracle in itself. To pick up a habit and maintain it, all the while balancing our careers and respective family lives gets difficult. But, it is hard to debate the enrichment that a hobby you passionately love, can provide to you.

One such individual we shall tell you about is Prakash Dhingra. Investment Banker and a private investor during the day, Rebel biker by the weekends, He is very famous on youtube for several biking videos, Prakash has immersed himself in the sport and has managed to grab the attention of several around the globe. He frequently puts up his riding vlogs and they’re loved by innumerable people who show him support.

As a successful Investment Banker and Private Financer, he primarily creates capital for other companies, governments, and other entities. The financial aspects of large projects are managed and planned by him for corporations, governments, and other entities. He has managed to take out time from his extremely difficult job schedule.

Following his passions has always been his aim in life. He believes in following the directions of his heart. Even after losing two of the most important supporters in his life- his father and his grandfather, he bounced back harder than he had ever before and decided to move forward with his life while carrying their memories in his heart.

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