Podcasting Whiz Aaron Civitarese on how to become a star podcaster in 2021

You will be surprised to learn that podcasts predate the Internet. They date back to the 1980s and were originally called “audio blogging,” referring to the practice of sharing experiences and thoughts. However, due to lack of funds to distribute the records, it took another 20 years for podcasts to gain momentum.

Today, anyone can record a podcast with ease. However, amid relentless competition in today’s digitized world, it is increasingly difficult to create engaging content that can truly engage the listener.

Data shows that the average podcast loses 25% of its audience in the first 5 minutes. So how do you come up with an engaging material that will inspire potential listeners?

We caught up with star podcaster Aaron Civitarese to give you all the tips and tricks for a successful podcasting in 2021 and to hear about his Growth Mindset podcast that reached incredible # 2 on iTunes.

Express yourself fully

Aaron’s will and determination have led him to become a successful first-rate growth-minded mentor and entrepreneur. He is an accomplished professional in his own right who knows how to connect people to the highest form of themselves and ignite passion from within.

“When you have a growth mindset, you understand that you have unlimited potential and that although you cannot foresee or predict the future, you can always work to build the qualities that produce growth and success in your life now and in the future. As a growth-minded person, when faced with a challenge or difficulty, your self-confidence and belief in your abilities to thrive keep you moving steadily toward the finish line. I see my mission is to share this mindset with people through my podcast by sharing inspirational stories from amazing guests, ”says Aaron.

Knead the necessary skills

“When it comes to podcasts, take brand consistency seriously. Be it the cover of a podcast, videos, images or commercials, all elements must be effectively aligned to form a coherent identity or image. This will ensure that your audience stops scrolling through your feed to see what you have to say, ”says Aaron.

“An important way to tackle your obstacles is to have the necessary skills to achieve your goals and fight unforeseen problems. If your goal is to run a digital marketing agency, you must be a digital marketing expert and have leadership skills to help you manage your employees. Determine the skills you need to objectify your goals and be able to work on their development accordingly, ”he adds.

know yourself

Reaching your full potential means becoming the best version of yourself. Since all people are different, you must determine your unique measure of success. And to do this, you will first need to know yourself.

Aaron built a strong connection with his innermost energy, his paradigm, and his spiritual form to take advantage of the opportunities life had to offer. “Objectivity,” he says, is key.

Value communication

Relationships are the backbone of any social media marketing effort. You should spend time interacting with people to create a positive presence. Social media platforms are constantly popping up with new features that can help you better engage with your target audience. A rapidly changing environment can be a potential challenge, but keep in mind that you don’t need to embrace all new features. Think, simplicity and power, ”he says.

Start your life-defining journey now

Aaron has worked his way to success despite some serious financial and spiritual setbacks in 2019. He knows how to draw lessons from these and has proven to be an expert in making these work for others, too.

Through his podcast, Aaron helps people from all walks of life enhance their talents and evolve with growth and the bottom line in mind.

If you feel the need to keep growing, you will undoubtedly benefit from listening to Aaron’s podcast and delving into the ideas he and his guests have to offer.

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