Playing in the music game on the American music scene is Ace Cauzi, a rising rapper.

His passion shines through his work as a lyrical rapper and his unique sound.

All of those industries that we see shine today can be attributed to the immense passion and hard work of young people around the world. These talented young beings exude a different level of zeal and tenacity when it comes to the industries and fields they choose. Such a highly competitive industry is the music space, especially in the United States, known for producing some of the best talent every year. Making a name for yourself has never been child’s play for anyone, but those who still have have shown their prowess. Doing exactly that is Ace Cauzi, one of the best rappers on the American music scene, who in just a few short years has achieved massive momentum with his songs so far.

Who is Ace Cauzi, you ask? Well, he was born in 1990 as Antonio Causey in Santo Domingo and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. From the beginning, Ace Cauzi felt too inclined towards music. This early understanding motivated him to be a part of the music scene at a very young age and since then he has never looked back. Today, he has grown up as a bold and lyrical rapper who is sought after in the industry that already has many greats.

Today, it has surpassed many sounds like sultry R&B, reggae-tone, and hip hop. His raps take people through a journey with meaningful and easily identifiable lyrics, demonstrating his versatility as a rap artist. In 2009, he began his journey into the world of rap and worked with the producer, “Tizzle Ona Beat” while working on his innate abilities and talents to create magic with music. Ace Cauzi has reached global heights with his unique music and sound, as he continues to learn to master his craft, spending countless hours in his studio, freestyle with his songs.

From launching his first project in 2013 on SoundCloud to launching his musical works on various other prominent platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes, Ace Cauzi has come a long way. So far, Ace Cauzi has collaborated and worked with many renowned artists and producers in the industry. Her album titled “#IAmAceCauzi_”, which was released last year on Valentine’s Day, became a huge success and also garnered a lot of recognition and name.

He loves to travel and record and goes to different places, cities and states to record songs and build a great relationship with the locals. Ace Cauzi also emphasizes that he does everything for his children.

When advising other budding musical artists and rappers, Ace Cauzi says they should never allow anyone else to regulate how they do it or influence their decisions in life. Instead, you want people to focus on their craft and work on it consistently so that it is huge in the industry.

To learn more, follow him on Instagram @iamacecauzi_

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