Perspective of Bahare Salehnia, a popular Iranian photographer, a successful woman in society

Have you ever wondered what are the secrets of women who make themselves? Why are some women successful and able to achieve their goals without the need for others?

Next, we’ll take a look at BaharehSalehnia’s description of the self-made women. BaharehSalehnia is one of the self-made Iranian ladies and is one of the most professional photographers in the world with millions of fans on her social media. She is of Iranian descent and currently lives in the United States.

Women who, with effort and self-confidence, have been able to reach the heights of society, family, politics. Therefore, achieving self-made women’s secrets is accessible and possible. You just have to know how to walk this path and what features and capabilities to equip for your trip. BaharehSalehnia talks about what to do to become a self-made woman and succeed in open and closed patriarchal societies in this world:

According to BaharehSalehnia, one of the secrets of self-made women is that they are self-aware. That is, they know themselves exactly and they know their position in this world. Self-made women certainly have weaknesses and flaws in life, but they differ from others in that they know what their strengths and weaknesses are. So, with a strategic analysis of themselves, they work on their strengths, eliminate weaknesses and in this way take advantage of environmental threats and opportunities. Of course, fighting threats and finding opportunities in an environment of discrimination is not easy. But it is possible.

Another secret of self-made women is not to be afraid of deprivation. They move as far forward as possible and struggle to break through or cross when they run into an obstacle. There is no setback in your work.

While another secret of self-made women is cunning. They are also smart. If they find that struggling to pass some obstacles costs a lot, they try to move forward in another direction using their intelligence and broad vision. They are constantly trying and they don’t like to give in. They know that in a free world, achieving the goal is not as difficult as it is now, and that is why they do not consider their demands as impossible goals.

Successful women know that the path they take is not always easy. They are brave and ready for difficult situations. They know they will face a lot of challenges along the way, a lot of pressure will be exerted, and no red carpets have been paved for them.

The worst thing is that they are alone; just. Yet they draw on the source of their strength within and are determined to arm themselves for prosperity and growth. Self-made women know very well that they are going to experience loneliness and difficult times, but they continue on their way, looking forward to brighter days.

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