Pandemic Wasn’t Enough To Stop Me: Latest Hip Hop Artist SJ Dub Says!

It was drastic but it didn’t stop me from continuing my passion for music. The pandemic was not enough to restrict me from flourishing my career in music.

Born and raised in a small town called Asbury Park New Jersey, Stephon Jacquel Watt aka his stage name SJ Dub is one of the most listened to artists in the city today. It is always known that Hip-Hop culture is trending since it started and it is still the best in the head of youngsters and music lovers.

The personality that SJ has is completely outstanding and makes him shine a little more while representing his tribe and community. His path began at the age of 14 and since then he has been practicing hip hop music. Today his hard work paid off and he is the most prominent among his city. People listen to his singles and EPs in a very dedicated way.
Although the pandemic was an obstacle in his career, it was not something that could stop him in music production. He decided to come back with a post-pandemic situation and he is ready for the same.

As well as being a prolific songwriter who is always creating, SJ Dub is also an inspiring character. His life story told of him through his music has impacted many, as most relate to his struggles and principles, creating a link with SJ and his music. The hip-hop artist hopes that his music alone will continue to reach those facing feelings of hopelessness and provide a form of comfort and motivation to keep going despite life’s detours and dead ends.
Not only music streaming platforms, but also S.Js. music is also creating a buzz on his YouTube channel. Eagerly waiting to return to the stage, SJ is planning a big comeback. Eager to travel further and explore the domain of music, Dub’s return will soon be a blast.
In fact, it is never enough for an artist to reach a certain level and stop and that is why Dub never took a single step back when making a new decision regarding his music. He is an ocean of lyrics and a performer who sets the stage on fire. His presence and work among young people is appreciated as his social accounts are constantly raising followers.
Stay tuned for their upcoming crazy art shows and stages as this is going to be huge for Hip Hop music lovers.

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