Online business guru shares tips for maintaining successful personal brands

One theorist wrote decades ago: “Television now accompanies children around the world even before they have permission to cross the street.” Today we live in a world even more saturated with media experiences. Interactive media compete for users’ attention. It takes new skills and experience to navigate yourself in today’s ever-changing environment and to create a powerful online presence.

Owen Hone, an expert in the field of digital branding and director of the coaching company Authentic Creation, shared with us the complexities of successful online brand development.

Customer acquisition

The biggest problem in marketing today is that many know very little about the most effective marketing tools (there are actually more than 5,000). More than 90% of specialists do not know what the Jedi algorithm is, but it allows the acquisition of multitudes of ideal clients.

“Many don’t do well with online marketing strategies, and it’s one of the reasons our clients consistently get such good results working with us,” says Owen.

Compelling message

The cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign is the ability to align the product or brand on specific audience value systems, thus encouraging customers to connotatively associate the brand with specific values ​​that they appreciate.

“You need a deep understanding of your ideal customer, client, or team member you want to attract. It is impossible to attract a person to your business without being very clear about who that person is, how to market them and where to find them, ”Owen tells us.

Use SMM wisely

Until now, many companies still treated SMM as frivolous, low-cost, and not particularly productive. However, on the contrary, SMM comprises a whole range of assets to promote one’s business, including various advertising strategies, assets to study a target audience, strategic planning, and many more.

The smart use of the SMM strategy not only helps to attract new customers, but also allows you to get to know them better: what they like / dislike, what kind of reaction certain events / innovations / trends provoke in them. Thanks to the competent SMM, you can kill three birds with one stone:

Study your consumers carefully; Find new potential buyers; Increase your brand awareness.


Many people see advertising as a single vehicle that can sell any product to any customer. However, marketers are often too mediocre to communicate with their audience. They stubbornly refuse to accept the fact that customers don’t like to be fooled.

This is exactly what sets Owen apart from other people in the field – he approaches his work with the utmost honesty and encourages his clients to do the same.

Having helped numerous entrepreneurs earn more than $ 50,000 in less than a month, Owen believes that experience and strategy account for only 20% of overall success. “The right mindset is key. This is how I define my mission: to help people live their true nature and earn more money doing what they love ”, he tells us.

Mastering influencer marketing tools takes time and effort. Many entrepreneurs find it overwhelming to excel at all the marketing strategies out there. In case you do too, get expert help from competent and inspiring online marketing coaches like Owen Hone.

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