On a quest to take over the world, top celebrities and musicians team up with media executive Simon Tizon

Today’s A-list celebrities need experience to handle their PR work and they seem to have found a man who fits their needs perfectly. I am Simon Tizón.

Not long ago, Simon was a homeless man from Minnesota facing many sleepless, freezing nights. Coming from a broken family, he did not have the privilege of completing higher education. He says, “I had to do a lot of odd jobs to make a living and at some point during the journey I got into boxing which came to an end.” Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse and he ended up losing his remaining year in one assault. “What followed was one of the lowest phases of my life, I had to spend my nights sleeping in a car when I was evicted,” says Simon. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Simon Tizon responded to his nearly destroyed career and life by becoming one of the most celebrated PR managers we’ve seen today.

During his early days of wrestling, he would spend hours on the web looking for opportunities that would make him meet the demand for marketing through the digital medium. He started working on it and soon strategized how he could help people through his services, with his hard work, dedication and perseverance, today he remains strong at the helm of his own public relations company CrushN Media. It has created a great impact in the field of public relations, since Yahoo! Finance. Having worked with influencers, professional athletes, actors, musical artists, comics, and many more, he is the most wanted man to handle celebrity PR and strategy.

Simon was very much in the news on social media recently for encouraging over a thousand people to share their stories globally through his platform, a gesture that was admired around the world. Simon Tizon is a true example of how one can get their life back on track if they have the strong will to do so.

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