Ohio artist, art teacher, is making music his full-time job

Growing up, Reid Fitzroy, also known as the art teacher, was always known for his skills in the game of basketball. He always played ball, but kept music as a close second hobby that he turned to when he wasn’t working on his game. After the creative began to move away from basketball, he fully committed to music and is now making it his full-time job.

Initially, it was difficult to stop playing basketball, but in the end, he knew it was for the best and the music had been good for him so far. His distinctive flow is unique and recognizable, leaving a lasting impression for anyone streaming his songs. His fun and upbeat vibe makes him an artist you will return to in the future. The Art Teacher has yet to release any music of their own, but it has appeared on another artist’s project. The creative will make his solo debut sometime in May.

The art teacher will only continue to rise from here on. They are only the first stages of what will be an illustrious career for the young artist. Keep your eyes peeled for his next big move.

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