Not another rapper, Sam Hoss is the next great artist outside of Canada

If you’ve never heard any of Sam Hoss’s tracks, you’re missing out on a lot of good rap. Do yourself a favor and take a look at his footprints. Sam is a Canadian rapper from Ottawa who enjoys making good music.

The rapper was not born in Canada; He moved to the country with his family from Tehran (the capital of Iran) in 2004 when he was ten years old. Relocating and settling into a new environment was not easy for the rapper, and it took him a while to learn the language and adjust to the new culture. But he got ahead, he had to take refuge in music and basketball, and he says that listening to American and Canadian rappers helped him learn the language better. This also helped develop his passion for rap and hip hop.

Inspired by Experiences

Sam Hoss grew up loving Russ and 50 cents, but most of his rap tracks are inspired by his experiences. Having to move to another country with a different language and culture at the age of 10 was the young man’s first challenge, but he faced it head-on and helped him discover his passion for music. While it is an undeniable fact that creativity runs in the family (his father is a singer, his aunt is a published poet), the rapper claims that his music comes from his heart and soul, while his hard work allows him to bring out the best. in all its tracks.

The rapper has made rap his passion, life, and definition, so it’s no surprise that he’s doing as well as a newcomer in the already saturated music industry.

Working hard towards success

Sam Hoss is a hard worker who believes that anything can be achieved with hard work. This principle has worked very well for the rapper over the years, as he has enjoyed several successes in the industry. The fact that he has appeared on tracks with Rick Ross and Dillin Hoox is an achievement worth mentioning. He is signed to the owner of Hip-hop Canada, and already has future projects with Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. All the efforts over the years are paying off.

When asked about his most significant success in the industry, the rapper was philosophical with his answer. He claims that his greatest success is that he can share his energy with people around the world and know that he is giving hope to some people who may be going through difficult times with his music.

Lessons along the way

The journey has not been all easy for Sam Hoss; there have been many obstacles along the way. But the rapper managed to scale these and went ahead with courage. Sam Hoss is an individual who is ready to stay disciplined and consistent in achieving his goals. Their experiences and successes tell us that eventually things get better no matter how difficult they are. This is the motto adopted by the rapper and is reflected in the achievements of the rapper.

Family makes the dream work.

The rapper comes from a family where creativity runs in the blood and has the full support of his entire family. The rapper has been noted to say that family is an important pillar in his career with all the support and encouragement they give him as well as the way they celebrate their successes with him.

Tips for your fans

Sam Hoss likes to give back to his fans. In addition to making good music, he is also interested in helping the younger generation, and he often counsels the younger generation by telling them to quietly hurry up, because many times people have great ideas, but as soon as they share them, others will. people will try to dissuade them from moving on. But it is always better to work in silence than to let the result justify the idea.

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