New music album “Tha Sawce” by artist Jahn Don motivates the new generation to strive for excellence

Jahn Don, a young music artist based in Haiti, has released a new music album entitled “Tha Sawce”. The 12-song album features energetic songs that motivate the new generation to achieve excellence in their respective fields.

The emerging music artist is inspiring the young generation to try hard, work for their dreams, and master the art of finesse. Through the Sawce Movement, Jahn Don shares his personal life stories with his listeners to motivate them to excel in life.

Jahn Don hails from Port-Au-Prince, Haiti and was a basketball venue before diving into the world of music. He moved to Los Angeles to learn music and worked as a personal trainer while learning music. He had to struggle a lot, and finally, he has come up with his debut album titled, “Tha Sawce”. The songs, namely Get N Gwap and Street Advances from the album, give a boost of energy to all listeners.

Due to his unique voice with a Haitian accent, the emerging musical artist is receiving much applause from his listeners. Meanwhile, Jahn Don is working with many renowned international producers to introduce a new sound to the rap game.

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