New Jersey artist RayKatanna is growing up in the music industry

Growing up in the city of Newark, New Jersey, rapper RayKatanna was born. He has lived in Jersey his entire life and uses the area’s unique musical culture to shape the sound for which he is known today. Coming from the trenches, RayKatanna aims to give hope to others and reassure people around the world that whatever society deems normal doesn’t mean you have to conform to the mold they make of you. He’s more than a rapper and he’s going to show it.

RayKatanna has always had a love for music, but focused solely on basketball for most of his life. After a few left turns that took him down a path that would cost him his chance to play ball, RayKatanna turned to rap to fill the void. Now he works tirelessly on his music as he once did on his game, and is beginning to develop as an artist.

With plans to continue down the art path, RayKatanna has no end in sight. He looks to build on the momentum he worked so hard on to create and capitalize on any opportunity that presents itself. Stay connected with RayKatanna to see exactly where it ends.

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