NeemTheGreat is reclaiming the throne as 2021’s Best New Artist

NeemTheGreat, a native of Brooklyn, New York, is solidifying his name in the hip-hop game as he offers all the styles we love from the genre. Neem has a flexible voice that he often uses to set unmatched vibrations. He has fun with his sound and listeners can’t help but get locked in. Coming from New York and heading to Dallas, Texas, he has mastered his sound and is ready to take over and give it all he has. Her biggest songs include “Sunset In LA, All Day, and Lamez. Using the Internet and platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Instagram; Neem has garnered a decent following and a number of over 500k streamed songs. He plans to make great records and proceeds to give fans songs to play on the radio, on the beach, at parties, and even in a laid-back atmosphere.

Listen to Sunset In LA 2:
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