MVP Dclark has received a warm welcome at home for his contribution to a championship win in Armenia

Darious Clark has become a strong name in the sports world for his contribution. Popularly known as Dclark, he recently came home after playing a crucial role in helping the Vahakni City BC team win the Armenian Championship.

Born in Washington, DC and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland, Dclark began playing basketball at age 11. Since then, he has never stopped playing basketball and now he has earned a great place in the sport.

Dclark led the Vahakni City BC team in the Armenian championship and supported the new team in the championship victory. For his contribution to the team’s victory, the player has received a great reception at home.

Dclark had scored 19 points and 13 rebounds to open the way for BC Vahakni City. He is known as a double-double and helped BC Vahakni City win the Armenian Championship. Darious Clark is a former Illinois State University / Slippery Rock standout with many honors such as Finals MVP, Allstar Game MVP, etc.

Aside from this, Dclark works hard to make his strong mark on the basketball world. Soon, Dclark will bring three teammates to TBT for a chance to expand their momentum on American soil.

Dclark scored 24.3 points on average in a game for Vahakni City. And he saw the team record a win with a 30-7 record in wins and losses against opponents in the championship last month.

The basketball player brought together young basketball players under his leadership. Next, Dclark is preparing for the Big 3 tournament, which is a 3v3 professional basketball league. By improving his game, Dclark is thinking about playing the NBA or Euroleague in the future.

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