Musical talent Ziey Kizzy successfully experimented with avant-garde alternative singing

Adding a new dimension to edgy alternative singing, Ziey Kizzy has today carved out a massive fanbase around the world through the performance of groundbreaking hip-hop and rap songs.

Belonging to a family of musicians, he developed a natural instinct in music even as a child. However, this was quite natural for anyone growing up in a musical environment.

As he came of age, Ziey Kizzy’s passion for emerging as an artist and producer grew even further and made him what he is today: a well-known hip-hop rapper and singer with international appeal.

Although he started out when he was very young as a guitarist, he later responded to his inner urge to become a rapper and hip-hop artist by ditching his guitar and becoming a powerful vocalist as well as a lyricist.

Honing his art of singing at Hot Money Studios, he also developed his production skills eventually emerging as the most popular destination for song and music video production. Soon, it emerged as an independent label.

Ziey Kizzy also became very interested in audio engineering while at Hot Money Studios. I was very fascinated by the recording process. This resulted in Ziey Kizzy establishing a home recording facility.

Eventually, it developed as its own music production unit. Soon other singers flocked to record their songs. Ziey Kizzy also mastered the art of sound engineering.

On his favorite musical instruments, tools and equipment, Ziey Kizzy says that he was very fond of vocal manipulation plugins and used his voice as an instrument. This resulted in a unique and edgy alternative singing.

This was made possible by mixing in some reverb, autotuning and distortion and then he started doing guitar solos with his voice. Ziey Kizzy used musical instruments like the Apollo x6 and hooked it up to the Avalon 737 and Neumann u87 condenser mic.

Explaining his experience while working at Hot Money Studios, Ziey Kizzy says that although her relationship with him was over a decade old, she officially began working in 2021. It was here that she began meeting a large number of musicians and singers at regular intervals. .

He largely attributes his success to his long association with Hot Money Studios. Now he has his own music label called Escape, The Box. Ziey Kizzy lists Linkin Park, Sum41, and Rage against the machine as his three favorite bands of all time.

As for the three favorite artists of all time, Ziey Kizzy says they are: RnB, Ne-Yo and Drake. They had profound influences on him.

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