Music holds a special place in the heart of artist Young Adub

Since his freestyle days at local high school events, Young Adub has come a long way. When he started putting his skills to use, freestyle was the easiest way to do it. Young Adub was earning praise from the community at the time and began recording his own songs, which he shared on social media sites. Young Adub knew it was time to make music his full-time career after his posts started getting a lot of traffic and momentum.

Young Adub released his first single on Spotify in 2019 and has been constantly working on new music ever since. To bring his music to life, he takes inspiration from some of his favorite artists, including Juice WRLD, Yung Pinch, MGK, Lil Baby, and a few others. Young Adub’s melodic rhythm fits well with the hip-hop / rap rhythms that he traditionally uses and with what his fans have become accustomed to hearing.

Young Adub is a typical boy in many ways; the only thing that distinguishes him is his desire to make his aspirations come true. Young Adub’s love of music has propelled him to great heights thus far, and the best part is that he’s just started.

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