Multi-talented artist Keed Coulgi is inspiring many

Mr. Josue Jauborry Chamblin Coutia, marked by greatness from birth, was born in the sunny state of Florida on January 28, 1985. With his conscious lyrics, amazing moves and natural stage presence, Josue has shown a way to for young performers to use an eclectic style. way to define himself as a true entertainer as he has done for himself. Josue is better known in the entertainment world as Keed Coulgi and his talent is unique.

Keed Coulgi is best known for his multitude of skills as a musician, rapper, actor, comedian, terpsi-Korean, choreographer, DJ, host, writer, and artist in the entertainment industry. A young entrepreneur whose family hails from the beautiful island of Haiti, he has decided to improve his homeland by helping Haitian artists become mainstream in today’s music industry.

Coulgi is also the CEO of the Grand Boss Music Group and is the most powerful in his respective Haitian industry. He is a young billionaire to be the main rapper of I & I, which is short for “Illegal Immigrant”. Keed Coulgi is also one of the main members of the dancehall group called Freestyle Squad and Lyme Light from Jamaica West Indies, and he is also the first kreyol hip-hop artist to perform on a national TV show – BET, and also won the first place. .

Keed Coulgi has had the honor of working with incredible national and international celebrities such as Beenie Man, Rick Ross, Junior Reid, Ace Hood, Haitian artist Shabba, and former Haitian President Michel Martelly to name a few.

Coulgi has participated in many student events to help raise funds and promote Haitian culture. She has also participated in various charity benefit shows for many social issues such as: HIV/AIDS and drug awareness. Coulgi has performed in some of the most important shows in Haiti and Jamaica, such as The King of the Dancehall, The Compas Festival in Miami, The Festival of Independence in Miami, The Al Haitian flag day event, The Haitian National Conference in New York, Philadelphia, Boca Raton’s FAU Kaleidoscope, SOB’s Club in New York, Five Spot Café New York, Shakaitutu’s First Annual Creole Hip-Hop Concert, Bicoloremix, Dancerama and many major events around the world.

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Coulgi was privileged to write a song “Earthquake 7.0”, a spin-off of “We are the World” in tribute to the many who suffered from the tragic earthquake. Many famous artists performed, including the recent president of Haiti.

Take a look at Keed Coulgi on his Instagram: @coulgi

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