Muhammad Adil Mirza: Business Entrepreneur

There are many businessmen and entrepreneurs across the world, and even motivating and influencing many youths as well, to start their own businesses. With the help of technology and innovation, there are many companies that flourished throughout this era. And among them the healthcare business is among the top that provided new goods and surgical advancements that have benefited millions of people. Many research-gates with the help of many researchers are doing research to provide the knowledge. There are many of people, who contributed in this field; Muhammad Adil Mirza is among them, who is an entrepreneur whose efforts are recognized among the people, who helped physicians and patients in general.

Muhammad Adil Mirza was born on 18th June, 1980 in Karachi. His hometown is in Dubai. He is 42 years old (as in the year 2022). His nationality is quite interesting, for instance Pakistan and St. Kitts n Nevis, and he follows Islam religion. He was born to Naseem Mirza and Salma. He has one brother named Ejaz and one sister named Zareen.

He is a graduated man. He started his education from Canterbury Boys High School, Sydney Australia. In addition to this, he completed his education from University of Wollongong.

He had a great interest and passion in the field of medical science that has resulted in him becoming one of well-known professionals throughout the UAE for his hard-work practices. He is the founder and owner of Phoenix Group of Companies based out of Dubai who are related to healthcare channel partners which consists of healthcare channel partners providing many essential medical services and products to different clients. For initial years, he joined his family business and worked as an elder brother for supply of pharmaceuticals and other materials to different hospitals across Karachi. He pursued for Business Administration, during which he decided to make some amends in his tactics to deal with clients and decided to start his own business in UAE and CIS countries as well. His dedication made him world-wide famous and his caring nature made the basis for his character.

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