Mosope Ogunjobi encourages his followers to follow their dreams

Mosope Ogunjobi’s career has gone through many changes before she finally achieved her dream of being an influencer. As she was determined to share her creativity with the world through a digital platform, she worked hard over the years to bring elegant and sophisticated content to her fans.

With legal training, Mosope is a registered secretary by profession. Over the last decade, she has worked with many top-tier firms in the financial industry as a corporate governance professional where she helped promote good governance in all organizations. However, her unique style and choice of outfits always caught the attention of everyone around her. So, following her friend’s advice, Mosope decided to take fashion more seriously and ended up starting her own business, Luxuriant Style, a personal shopping business for high net worth individuals. Here, with the help of her good taste and creativity, she would design unique pieces for these people. But while she was working with some amazing influencers, Ella Mosope realized the importance of having her own digital platform where she could engage with her followers. She believed that such an opportunity would help her create a digital family where she could regularly share creative moments and fashion tips with all those seeking inspiration. Therefore, Ella Mosope created Style Necessity, where she focuses on luxury lifestyle, beauty and fashion.

Mosope has a unique and creative approach to everything she does that helps her stand out from other influencers. He uses various platforms like Instagram, Twitter and his Blog to express his interest in different areas and share content with his followers. His goal is to build a great relationship with luxury brands while creating amazing content for them. In this way, you can suggest proven quality products to your followers.

Even during the COVID pandemic, Mosope’s journey did not stop. In fact, she recently achieved her goal of 1 million followers on Instagram and has built strong relationships with luxury brands during lockdown. As a result, her engagement with her fans continues to grow.

Mosope believes that “successes are the celebration of milestones and victories along the way”. Thus, despite being one of the best influencers, she never stopped working to create new content. She wants to continue to connect with her fans and looks forward to building relationships with luxury brands globally in the future so that she can be recognized as a top social media influencer providing great content in the luxury industry. Therefore, through her journey, Mosope wants to set an example to all her followers so that she can inspire and encourage them to follow her dreams.

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