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Rene Bonet spent most of his childhood in Leesburg Virginia a small political town on the outskirts of our nation’s capital DC. She begins writing poetry in high school to create an outlet that helps her stay out of trouble. Putting his words into music for family and friends, René soon realized that he had a gift for songwriting.

Soon after, he went on to travel doing open mics and networking at the Washington dc area, but felt limited by such a small city. When her brother Jajuan “Murphy” Johnson was shot and killed near Middleburg VA in 2008, she knew it was time to get out of Loudoun for good.

Finding her passion for music through poetry led Rene to seek more than the typical “workflow” lifestyle, and that led her to walk many paths alone. Shortly after graduating from Loudoun County High School the DMV native made the move to Atlanta Georgia to explore your creativity. It is here that she was able to connect and create with Grammy Award-winning engineer Alvin Speights, (Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Boyz II Men. During this time, Rene gained invaluable knowledge in the studio that would help her with her future in music and music). the entertainment industry. Bonét She is known for having songs classified as classical R&B music, but her alter ego as Bully Barbé it will surely increase the temperature in the Hip Hop scene. Recently recognized in RevoltTV Who was founded by hip hop mogul Sean P. Diddy Combs, for his latest release, “Shawdy,” is really making a good first impression. Currently working with Bad Boys Lauren ann gibson and OC Hit-official’s Thomas barsoe as one of the Dream Warrior’s at their Artist Development Camp located in Los Angela’s California. Under these two Rene Bonét hopes to develop a lasting career in the music industry.

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