Monsieur Dignitaire’s New Song ‘Out Of My Mind’ Is An Absolute Masterpiece

This new release, ‘Out of My Mind’ by Rumor Records, will go platinum. Already reaching the Beatport Top 200 and the Billboard Hot 100, we have no doubt that this song will reach number 1.

Monsieur Dignitaire is an absolute genius in the studio. This hot new DJ just released a three song EP; Out of my mind, it evolves and energy, and each one is better than the next.

With its musical roots coming from Detroit, ‘Out of My Mind’ has that classic mix of Detroit house sound with funky new-age house beats and incredible vocal performances. Rumor Records just found its most unique artist, and it’s killing him.

You can listen to their new EP “EVOLVE” right here; click the link below!

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