Mitch Durfee, the founder of The Credit Repair Blueprint

Mitch Durfee is an Army combat veteran, credit repair expert, three-time bestselling author, and multi-family real estate investor. He has consulted with many companies on his way to reaching 7 figures in annual sales and through association with over a dozen companies has bought and sold over 1,180 units in Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Carolina North, Vermont, Florida, Colorado and Illinois. So, as a result of his successful journey, here are 3 tips from Mitch Durfee that will help you build a successful business.

1. Learn from failure

Mitch believes that there are times when many things do not go as expected. Some ideas may not be a huge success and some may not work at all, but the most important focus in either situation is learning. Instead of obsessing over a loss or failure, he should always collect the lessons he learned and apply them to a new idea because you never know what might contribute to his next success at the end of the day. While moving on is a very difficult decision, you need to understand when to let go, as not everything will meet your level of expectation.

2. Set clear goals and have the right values

According to Mitch, one of the most important approaches that will help you build a successful business is establishing a clear set of goals and having the right values. When Mitch founded The Credit Repair Blueprint, his goal was to help all those struggling to repair their credit. As a result, he based his business on sincerely helping his clients grow their business and buy their first home by educating them. Mitch believed that this knowledge and tool would finally be available to his customers forever and that they can easily maintain their credit scores. Therefore, he advises all entrepreneurs to always be of service to their customers and never try to take advantage of their vulnerability.

3. Build a support network

Mitch supports the saying that “your network is your net worth”. Therefore, he believes that as we work towards our goals, we should surround ourselves with positive energy. Which means you should try to spend time with people who are doing the things that inspire you to do or be. As a result, he believes that this is the fundamental basis for our growth.

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