Michael Oshinaya is a member of NYC Luxury and contributes to the Black Lives Matter movement:

There has been fierce competition in the jewelry market, especially in the custom pieces that are often worn by celebrities to complement their red carpet looks. To stay relevant, jewelry brands have to constantly reinvent themselves so they don’t go out of business. NYC Luxury is one of the Internet users’ favorite places where you can find luxury items according to your taste. There is always something for everyone here. The respect given to customers here is huge and they are known for their professional customer service. They are dedicated to educating their customers while serving them rare pieces of jewelry. They provide the best customer service coupled with the finest craftsmanship at all costs while providing the highest level of luxury without being obnoxious.

Black people have been victims of so many horrible cases. The recent event that led to the deaths of George Floyd, Tony McDade, and Breonna Taylor has been very difficult to process. Black Lives Matter has been one of the largest movements in US history. Black Lives Matter is not just a phrase or, in particular, a hashtag that is used to highlight the racism, discrimination, and inequality that they experience. black people. It has become so much more all over the world. Its use grew in the US after high-profile killings by police, but has spread like wildfire in the UK, where there is silent racism, and even around the world.

“All these great jewelers in the industry who have profited in folds generally tend to take inspiration from, as well as do business with, our culture and community, but I haven’t noticed anyone giving back to the black community,” says Michael O, celebrity. jeweler, who also calls himself “Big Mike”. The designer has created a special Black Lives Matter (BLM) pendant to stand in solidarity with the harassment of the Black culture and community during the nation’s ongoing civil unrest.

The first personalities Michael had the chance to work with were RichTheKid and Famous Dex when they bought him a Full Diamond Patek and a Full Diamond AP in the spring of 2017. There aren’t many black faces that are famous in the jewelry business and he is doing everything possible to emerge as a prominent black personality in the industry to represent their black culture.

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