Mello Spazzout is pushing to be the next star of the Windy City

With an undying drive to grow as an artist, Mello Spazzout is moving toward being one of Chicago’s biggest rising rap stars. Born and raised, Mello Spazzout keeps his roots close as he grows bigger and faster than he ever imagined.

After the release of SLIDE MUSIC and HARD TIMES, Mello is now filming to create music that could be released as early as next week. After showing how serious he is about his music from his previous releases, Mello Spazzout claims that this upcoming music is about him and his life and how he got this far.

Coming out of nowhere, Mello Spazzout is propelling his own unique path through his rap career and his next release will prove it. It has really grown into its own unique and different sound. From the sound of his previous releases, there’s no question why he’s been growing so much.

With over fourteen hundred monthly Spotify listeners, Mello Spazzout’s upcoming release is sure to be greeted with a lot of love by fans, as its fanbase can’t wait to see what’s next for Mello. With many stories to tell and rap about, Mello is moving differently and is certainly a name to be reckoned with, as his competent and prolific lyrics are unmatched in the rap scene. With plenty of energy and drive to give, Mello hits differently as he goes on his journey. With each release it gets better and better, so this next big release from Mello Spazzout is sure to be a summer hit.

Make sure to keep up with Mello Spazzout on his Instagram page here, watch his music videos on his YouTube channel here, and listen to all of Mello Spazzout’s current and future releases on his Spotify page here.

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