Meet the chef behind America’s most favorite pizzeria: 786 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza Co.

786 Degrees Pizza is no ordinary pizzeria and neither is its creator, Chef Haider Ali. 786 Degree is considered among the best in the country, appearing regularly on the most popular charts and featured in the media. It’s easy to see why visionary and creative chef Haider Ali, also known as Chef Pizzaiolo Ali, is considered an ambassador for international flavors. He is a multi-award winning, certified Italian pizzaiolo who has created his own path, challenging the status quo by redefining what pizza really is and what it can be, winning your guest one pizza at a time with his unique pizzas from around the world. world. world .

With over 5,000 positive 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp, etc. combined for your two locations

786 Degrees is one of the highest-rated pizzerias in the country, serving its delights at both the Pasadena and Sun Valley locations. True pizza addicts across the country flock to try Yelp’s ‘Nation’s Favorite Pizzeria.’

The most remarkable thing about Chef Ali’s 59 unique pizzas is that they all paint a beautiful picture that pays tribute to the flavor profile of the country and city they represent. They are windows into surprising flavor combinations, paying homage to some of the world’s most beloved cuisines.

From a Mexican ‘El Chapo’ pie with beef chorizo, grilled green peppers and Monterey jack cheese to the Italian ‘That’s Amore’ made with tantalizing pistachio pesto, fontina and fresh mozzarella, or travel to Korea with Bulgogi Gangnam Style or visit India then Egypt with Lamb Habibi, the pizza here is never what you expect: it’s elite, it’s addictive, it’s just something you’ve never tried before!

Pizzaiolo Ali makes his pizzas by blending culinary traditions and using the best local and imported products he can find, the result is always glorious.

Tradition also matters; For chef Ali, innovation is fundamental and there are no limits that it does not cross. Of course, his confidence comes from knowing classic pizza styles by heart. He is a certified Pizzaiolo and studied the art of making traditional pizza in Naples, where pizza is serious business.

While some of the most exciting pizzas at 786 Degrees aren’t what you’d call conventional, you can always opt for a classic Margherita Neapolitan DOC.

It uses imported tomatoes from San Marzano and mozzarella di buffala with double-zero Italian flour to meet VPN’s strict Italian pizza guidelines. Classic or mundane, every pizza here is an experience. Describing Chef Ali is no easy task; has unstoppable momentum. One minute he’s overseeing the restaurants and talking to his customers, an hour later you’ll see him sharing his appetite for pizza on TV.

If Chef Ali isn’t gearing up for an international pizza competition representing the US as an ambassador for Team America Pizza, he’s working on his restaurant’s program to feed neighbors in need and the homeless. permanent housing on an ongoing basis. The pizza entrepreneur, chef, leader and champion is proof that having talent is only half the story: you also need relentless enthusiasm for what you do.

Chef Ali, you are still just a great neighbor. Chef Ali may always be on the road or in front of his custom-built Italian wood-burning oven, but he always makes time to listen to his employees, customers, and neighbors. Not everyone reacts the same way when success knocks on their door, but our new favorite pizzaiolo shows just how it’s done with hard work, ethics, and an unstoppable passion for what he does.

If you want to experience what 786 Degrees Pizzeria is all about, visit the Pasadena or Sun Valley locations or order online. The truth is that you can find pizza everywhere, it is possibly the most consumed food in the world, but if what you feel you deserve is a great pizza, 786 Degrees By Chef Ali will elevate your pizza experience to a whole new level. Thousands of pizza fans can’t be wrong and neither can you, now become a true pizza addict and saying goodbye.

You can learn more about Haider Ali on his official website or follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Yelp for live updates.

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